More details on the sofa for users

Who doesn’t know the feeling of restlessness: tension in your body arising from too many things in your head? When you experience this, we invite you to sit down on the SOMASONO Sofa and relax into our carefully tuned sounds. This massage brings you back into the body and relaxes your muscles, creating a moment for yourself; yet involved in the here and now.
The sofa is connected to all limbs and organs via bone conduction through the sitting bones and the spine so that the vibrations can find their way through the entire body.

In this way, sound touches every cell of the body.

The frequencies in the sofa are profoundly relaxing and have a positive influence on our general well-being, as well as promoting blood circulation and activating the self-healing capacities of your body.

The SOMASONO Sofa is simple to use. It has a small computer built in, which can be controlled wirelessly via a mini-tablet. You sit comfortably on the couch and can easily choose one of the programs. The volume is adjustable via the control panel on the minitablet. In this way, you can tune the vibrations to your sensitivity.

The pleasant sensations of tangible-sound shift your focus from mental activity to the feelings in the body, and the perceptions of inner silence and pure BEING.