Demonstration of the sofa?

Visit us in Zutphen for a free demo of our SOMASONO Sofa!

We are available for individual and small group presentations.
With this sofa, we also began a study for which you can register to participate via the contact form.

SOMASONO promotes wellbeing by making sound you can feel.

‘We want to touch you with tangible sounds!’

We are a young, innovative company specializing in producing harmonizing sounds, and systems that enable these sounds to be felt.

Zooming in on the structure of our world, we see particles which are influenced by vibrations of which we can measure the frequencies. It is the harmonic resonance of these vibrations that result in balance, stability, and movement. Atoms, molecules, and planetary systems alike exhibit forms of harmonic resonance; so does the human body.

Because sound is a vibration moving in space and time, it not only interacts with our hearing but with every molecule in our body as well. This interaction often happens unconsciously, but by making a sound wave tangible, a palpable, conscious sound experience can arise. Such a sound-experience has been shown to have substantial effects on our state of being.

The human body can be tuned, as it were, by relaxing into resonance with the vibrations offered. Different frequencies and harmonic proportions have specific effects. When applied, these effects create the possibilities of:

  • body and consciousness coming to relaxation
  • creation of more inner space
  • increased body awareness and ability to feel
  • a shift in focus from thinking to feeling
  • promotion of a sense of well-being
  • improved concentration, alertness and focus
  • increased blood circulation and energy-flow
  • creation of more space in the connective tissue between organs
  • loosening of tension in connective tissue and muscles
  • promotion of active clarity

Vision on concept and design

Tactile sound is a connecting force because it brings us into contact with ourselves and the world around us. By working with this power, we at SOMASONO want to contribute to a world of harmony.
We do this by producing sensitively adjusted sounds and by developing systems that convey these sounds in a tangible form to the human body.

Our sound sources include acoustic instruments and tones from analog synthesizers. In collaboration with you, we develop a tailor-made design, helping to realize the desired outcome for your situation

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The sofa is an active two-seater with armrests and sufficient height to make getting up more accessible for seniors. The two-person design invites you to experience the harmonizing vibrations together.

The backrests make contact with the body from the lower back to the shoulders, evenly distributing the vibrations throughout the body. You sit angled slightly towards each other so that you can make eye contact with the other person, thereby staying connected without straining your neck.

Remember together the natural balance of body and mind. Let yourself be touched!

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The making of…

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Who is SOMASONO for?

SOMASONO’s goal is to offer custom applications of tactile sound. The sound that you find in our products is made to promote well-being and to harmonize human BEING and doing.

Conceivable applications include products for relaxation and products that enable improved focus and performance.

If you have a need or wish that we haven’t thought of, we’d love to discuss it with you!

Experiences of users and providers

Who are we?

Joeri Bonsel

Following a year’s sabbatical in 2017, Joeri has again connected his passion, unlocking the potential of people and business, to his agency, ZEON.
He is a coach, studying Jungian coaching and giving direction to creative processes.
He works with great pleasure in the production of sound with an immersing effect. Inspired by the stages of life, he aims to contribute to the welfare of people; especially people with dementia.

Co-founder and co-owner of the company SOMASONO

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Josef Rebbe

Josef Rebbe has found his life purpose in researching, sensing, and fine-tuning tactile sounds.
Inspired by the silence within, he creates inventions and compositions that have harmonizing effects on body and mind.
He is also developing, among other things, Aquasonic Massage®, a new treatment method where it is possible to be massaged by sound in hot water, as well as a new form of ASMR treatments.

Co-founder and co-owner of the company SOMASONO

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