The making of the SOMASONO Sofa

At the beginning of May 2018 we, Josef and Joeri, started designing the SOMASONO Sofa. We began by researching the dimensions and ratios of various seats. We experimented with a cardboard scale model to find ways of integrating the tangible sound technology. During conversations with the BrainCollective foundation and others, it became clear that an active sitting posture is desirable in that users of the couch can stand up independently and remain involved with others as much as possible. This finding, together with information about seating angles and seating comfort, strongly influenced choices made in building the prototype.

Together with a furniture maker, we opted for recycled beech wood, an ecologically justified material that offers sufficient strength to the couch. For the upholstery, we were advised by furniture upholsterer ‘Chairs’ in The Hague and Atelier Michou Reuland, which we eventually commissioned to make the textile around the filling material. The couch was completed on 18 July 2018, after which we began the first explorations with the Bovenkamer team.

Our cooperative partners are:

  • Carpentry workshop De Kromme Spijker: Porfi Fumagalli
  • TONE Musical Systems Engineering: Steven Kruyswijk
  • Atelier Michou Reuland
  • The BrainCollective Foundation; Lida Waterlander
  • De Bovenkamer Foundation; Board, Coordinator, and Volunteers

Thanks to all!