Joeri was born in Rotterdam in 1969 and grew up at the edge of the Dutch Veluwe. He graduated cum laude from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 1996. During the following years, he realized various publications and a number of photo exhibitions, both at home and abroad, as an autonomous photographer.

In addition to his extensive interest in design and visual arts, music has had a strong influence on his development. He plays alto/baritone saxophone and has been part of various ensembles including the Apeldoorns Saxophone Quartet of Co de Kloet in the early nineties.

In 1998 he became interested in the world of sound from a different angle. He heard the use of the singing voice with Nepalese singing bowls by Alain Presencer. Playing with his collection of singing bowls, he discovered the principle of resonance and the ability of the human voice to reproduce the subtleties of sounds. Since then he explores the use of vocalization and its effect on body, soul, and spirit.

In 2002 he started the agency: ZE ON inner sound response®. As a consultant/coach, he supervised reintegration programs and worked until 2012 as an HR trainer at the Silver Institute in Haarlem. He also provided awareness training with a technique developed by him for the voice.

For seven years starting in 2009 he was director of the Luxor Theater in Zutphen. He successfully guided the film theatre with 60 enthusiastic volunteers through the ‘cultural’ crisis years and gave it a new artistic impulse. This theatre now has beautiful highlights, is recognized as an essential provision for the city and is firmly anchored in society.